University Entrance requirements

除了每门课程的入学要求, 还有大学水平的一般入学要求.

General Entrance Requirements

的 General Entrance Requirements identify the minimum qualifications needed for application to a course 下载彩9彩票.

的y set out the range of the most commonly offered acceptable qualifications but do not identify where particular subjects are needed for specific courses, 它们也不代表实际的录取标准或“要求的分数”, 哪些通常高于及格的最低门槛标准.

This is particularly the case for full-time study where the offer grades are affected by the availability of places on the course and the level of demand.

的 summary below refers to honours degrees. 在实践中, with regard to A levels, no full-time honours degree will accept fewer than three A level subjects unless presented in combination with other Level 3 qualifications deemed acceptable by the University.

等价 of Qualifications Page列出了最普遍接受的资格和同等要求的分数. 本页上还有具体的3级(i.e. BTEC, OCR etc) qualifications that we do or do not accepted as meeting our entry requirements.

You should refer to the 在线招股说明书 个别课程的具体入学要求.

Entry requirements for part-time courses vary. 有些学校的入学要求与全日制课程相同, 而其他版本则与全职版本有所不同.

It is important to refer to the 在线招股说明书 和/或在申请学习前联系课程团队.

To be eligible to apply you must;

  1. 提供证据 of competence in written and spoken 英语 (GCSE 英语 Language grades A-C/ 4-9 or equivalent); and
  2. 提供证据 of passes in five subjects, 其中2名必须达到A级(A- e等级),3名达到GCSE等级* (A- c /4-9等级);
  3. 提供证据 of passes in four subjects, three of which must be at A level (grades A-E) and one at GCSE level* (grades A- C/4-9); or
  4. 提供证据 of an approved qualification at an equivalent level such as a BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma or Access to Higher Education qualification or equivalent**; or
  5. 提供证据, 申请大学的正式认证程序, 你从工作或其他经验中获得的知识.

* GCSE英语语言(A-C/4-9)可以作为GCSE要求的一部分.

** Please refer to the 等价 of Qualifications table 最常见的替代3级资格证书.

Note: Advanced Subsidiary (AS) level subjects, are regarded as 40% of one GCE A level, 前提是你的个人资料还包含两个GCE A或同等水平.

本科 courses


  • meet the General Entrance Requirements, and
  • 满足您所选课程中列出的任何额外要求 在线招股说明书.


下载彩9彩票 will consider the following alternative qualifications for entry to an undergraduate degree or honours degree course:

  • 培生颁发的BTEC三级QCF国家资质*
  • Cambridge International Pre-U Diploma
  • OCR Level 3 QCF Cambridge technologies(截至2023年9月)*
  • 由Pearson, OCR或AQA*颁发的RQF应用通用和技术水平证书
  • 苏格兰资格认证局的高级或高级高级人员
  • European, International or Welsh Baccalaureate
  • Irish Leaving Certificate at higher level with passes in four approved subjects at grade D/H6
  • 圆满完成批准的进入计划
  • Any foundation degree awarded by 下载彩9彩票
  • For entry to Art and Design degree programmes, 圆满完成艺术与设计的全日制基础课程, of not less than one academic year in duration.
  • For BMus Music and Music combinations,  the Rockschool Level 3 Extended Diploma for Music Practitioners and Creative Music Industry are suitable for entry.

* Not all subject areas are acceptable.  Please double check with Admissions if in doubt.

任何科目都不能超过一个级别,例如.g. you can not use a BTEC in IT and an A Level in Computing as two separate level 3 qualifications.

未列出的资格将根据个人能力进行考虑 by the University's Qualification 等价 Advisory Group.

如果你有资格证书,你会被考虑, 请将完整的规格发电子邮件至

请注意,对于入学资格要求是可以接受的, the grading needs to be granular, 外部评估(至少30%)是必需的,内容不应该是职业性的(i.e. 专门为帮助学习者在特定的工作中取得进步而设计的).

Please note that qualifications from the following awarding bodies are not currently acceptable for entry:

  • 缓存
  • 伦敦城市行业协会
  • OCN倪

You must also meet the additional requirements for your chosen course as outlined in the 在线招股说明书.



  • provide evidence of competence in written and spoken 英语 (GCSE grades A-C or equivalent); and
  • hold an Honours degree from a UK or Republic of Ireland or from the Council for National Academic Awards, the National Council for Educational Awards, the Higher Education and Training Awards Council, or from another institution which has been recognised by the Senate for this purpose; or
  • hold an equivalent standard in a Graduate Diploma, Graduate Certificate or 下载彩9彩票生 Certificate or an approved alternative qualification; and
  • satisfy additional requirements as described in the prospectus entry for your chosen course; or
  • provide evidence of your ability to study at postgraduate level through the accreditation of your experience or learning.

International applicants

下载彩9彩票接受广泛的国际资格. 它们的内容和级别是单独评估的, and against relevant guidelines such as the British Council and the National Academic Recognition Information Centre for the United Kingdom (NARIC UK).

You must also satisfy the 英语 language requirements 对入学.


For specific advice on the acceptability and equivalence of international qualifications please go to the international site.

英语 and mathematics qualifications

Competence in written and spoken 英语 is a General Entrance Requirement for entry to all courses, whereas competence in mathematics is not.


You should refer to the specific entry requirements for your chosen course as outlined in the 在线招股说明书.

的 following 英语 and mathematics language qualifications are accepted as evidence of competence.

英语 and mathematics language qualifications
  • GCSE/GCE O英语、英语语言(A-C/4-9)
  • 英语、英语语言或英语学习一级CSE
  • CEE grades I, II, III
  • Pass in Use of 英语 examination
  • AS Level 英语 Language (grades A-C)
  • 英国文学水平(但不是GCSE/GCE O水平)
  • Essential Skills in Communication at Level 2
  • 2级或以上的沟通能力
  • GCSE/ GCE O level mathematics (grades A- C/4-9)*
  • CSE in mathematics grade I
  • CEE grades I, II and III
  • AS level mathematics (grades A-C)
  • A level (or O or N level achieved at an A level sitting) in mathematics origin any A level subject with a substantial mathematics component
Scottish Certificate of Education Standard Grade 1, 2 or 3 in 英语 
National 5 - Grade C or above in 英语
Standard Grade 1, 2 or 3 in mathematics
National 5 - Grade C or above in Mathematics
访问课程 任何经Ulster或QUB认可的课程
See Access 课程 (mathematics) below
HNC / HND Any HND or HNC awarded in the UK
基础学位 Any 基础学位 awarded by 下载彩9彩票
International Baccalaureate 英语语言高级或辅修程度(四年级或以上) 高等或辅修数学水平(4年级或以上)
Irish Republic Awards 爱尔兰普通离校证书(A级, B or C) achieved in or after 1977, 或者2017年后01-04. In the Irish Leaving Certificate at Higher level, 分数维, 2017年之前或2017年之后的H6或以上是可以接受的 在1977年期间或之后取得的爱尔兰普通水平离校证书(A-C级), 或者2017年后01-04.. 分数维, 2017年之前或2017年之后的H6或以上是可以接受的 in Irish Leaving Certificate at Higher level
开放大学 Relevant level 1/2 courses n/a
Royal Society or Arts Stage III (Advanced) n/a
Institute of Mathematics and its Applications n/a 学者文凭


Level 2 Essential/Functional Skills in Application of Number is accepted as an alternative to GCSE mathematics for some courses, 然而,并不是所有的课程都接受这个资格.

You should refer to the specific entry requirements for your chosen course as outlined in the 在线招股说明书.

This list is not exhaustive. 未列出的资格将根据个人能力进行考虑.  请与下载彩9彩票联系,了解英语或数学资格的可接受性.

访问课程 (mathematics)

下载彩9彩票将考虑已批准的具有数学模块的Access课程.  这也可能包括先前批准的入学课程, but which are no longer running.

的 following 下载彩9彩票 approved courses are recognised as incorporating mathematics to the required standard:

  • 贝尔法斯特城市学院,获得计算机,商业和多媒体高等教育文凭
  • 西北地区学院,获得高等教育综合文凭
  • 西北地区学院,获得高等教育理科文凭
  • 北方地区学院,获得高等教育社会科学文凭
  • 西南学院计算机高等专科文凭
  • 西南学院获得创意媒体制作高等教育文凭
  • 西南大学获得高等教育社会科学文凭
  • 西南大学,获得高等教育社会科学和人文学科文凭
  • 南方地区学院,获得高等教育成人学习文凭(联合学习)
  • Southern Regional College, Access to HE Diploma in Adult Learning (Community Development)
  • Southern Regional College, Access to HE Diploma in Adult Learning (Science) (Level 3 maths)
  • Southern Regional College, Access to HE Diploma in Adult Learning (社会科学 and Humanities)
  • Southern Regional College, Access to HE Diploma in Adult Learning (社会科学 and Humanities)

Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning

Learning you have gained from work or other experience may be used to demonstrate your ability to study your chosen course.

You must provide evidence of some reasonably substantial and significant element of learning for a process of formal assessment and accreditation by the University.



For a number of programmes, Ulster will assess candidate's suitability for the course using a variety of additional selection prior to offers being made.  例子包括:

Interviews (online or in person);
Portfolio submission;
Personal Statement scoring

Full details are on individual course pages.


An entry requirement for courses involving 'regulated activity' with children or vulnerable adults, 是否完成了AccessNI的强化披露.

的re is a cost for this service.